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“Leanne’s passion is equipping parents; helping them navigate the awesome privilege of passing faith on to their children.”


As a Mom, Leanne feels the weight of this task, knowing the odds are not in her favour, with statistics like 80% of our kids walking away from faith at 18. Leanne won’t stand for this to be true for her family or her generation, and in her quest to figure some of this out a passion began to grow. Leanne began researching topics she wanted to understand. How do we teach our kids to pray and interact with scripture? What is a blessing? How do we help our kids hear God’s voice?… and the questions kept coming.

According to researchers, one of the key reasons kids walk away from faith is because faith isn’t real or tangible in the home. It wasn’t lived out in a life-transforming, authentic way before them. This is where Leanne’s pursuit intensified. How do we make a living invisible faith, visible and tangible to our kids?

In researching these topics and in speaking about it with others, Leanne began to understand how desperate families are for this information, not only first generation Christians, but also those who come from a legacy of faith. Though the Christian community has done a wonderful job growing fully devoted followers, this conversation about passing faith on, seems to be distinctly absent.
Out of her own voyage of discovery, Leanne created a series of talks to help equip parents with practical tools to pass faith on to the next generation. They are simple, applicable and absolutely do-able in a world where so many things are vying for our attention. It is her hope that after parents engage in these talks, they walk away empowered, understanding that this seemingly impossible task, has been broken down into manageable bite size pieces. Our task as parents is to faithfully point our kids to Jesus; Leanne’s passion is to equip them.


Leanne has had the privilege of speaking at retreats and workshops over the last 5 years. The message of Bringing Faith Home, and its practical application have empowered and inspired families to change. She has an upbeat, engaging style that draws people in, and the honesty of her story and journey allows others to relate, receive truth and embrace the task God has laid before them.

Leanne is honoured to have partnered with Worlds Apart and Brett Ullman. In many ways her talks are the prequel to Brett’s. While he travels North America speaking to adolescents, leaders and their parents, Leanne’s talks are foundation laying and are tailored to families with younger children.

Leanne lives in Toronto with her husband James and their four children. She is an active member at C4 Church. When relaxing, Leanne can be found walking down by the lake, curled up with a great book or spending time with her family.


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