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“To equip parents to Bring Faith Home; teaching parents practical, tangible faith skills empowering them to faithfully and more effectively pass Faith on to the next generation, in so making an invisible belief, visible and tangible to their children.”


God has been growing a passion with in me that has led me on a pretty incredible journey. I have sought to understand, on a really practical level, the task parents have been charged with; passing faith onto the next generation.

I absolutely believe that parents desperately want to be all that God has called them to be. The truth is, Christian families are in crisis. It has been reported that 80% of our kids walk away from faith at 18, and that there is less than 10% of faith talk in Christian homes outside of prayer. As parents, we understand passing faith to our kids in theory, but no one is breaking it down for us in a way that is tangible and practically applicable in our homes.

Though this journey began as a personal quest to better understand how to do/live this, it quickly became clear how desperate other families are for this information too. So with the Lord’s prompting, I have created a series of talks called Bringing Faith Home, to practically and tangibly equip parents to pass faith on to their children.


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