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“Celebrate your child’s identity & purpose, so they will not seek it elsewhere, and foster confident, secure teens.”

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There is something on the inside of everyone that longs for the affirmation and blessing of their parents. Come and discover the significance of the words your child needs to hear as they transition from childhood into adolescence. In the absence of words of life, identity, truth and purpose during this transition, children will go in search of it elsewhere. Uncover the essential value of your role, the influence of your words, the protection of your love and the security of your actions as you celebrate your child and release them into this next phase of their journey.


"Leanne speaks from her wealth of personal experience.Her deep love for God and her passion for families radiates through every word she speaks. You will be inspired, challenged and equipped."

DR. MERRY C LIN ­ Psychologist, Author, and Speaker (www.drmerrylin.com)


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