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“Sow seeds of Blessing, in a world where positive words are few, and cultivate confident kids who know their identity and purpose.”

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In a world that bombards kids with what they should say… what they should wear… how they should fit in, what if our kids could boldly know who they are, that they belong, and that God has great plans for them? This is the power of Blessing! Uncover the value of words, learn to speak life, identity, truth and purpose over your children and catch a glimpse of the ripple effect. As the only culture in the world that does not have blessing ceremonies naturally built into our cultural system, we don’t know what we are missing, nor do we understand the advantage and protection of Blessing. Join Leanne and discover how to make Blessing a tangible way of life in your family.


"What a wonderfully thought provoking series of evenings!…We are now confident in the approach and next steps we are to take as a family. Making prayer as a family a priority and blessing our girls with more intention is now a path we look forward to embarking on.”



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