“I would absolutely recommend "Bringing Faith Home” to any family because you will gain a fresh perspective, a new way of looking at your role as a parent.”


What we do

“Leanne's sincerity, humility, and openness creates the kind of atmosphere that makes delving into the vast subject of "family" safe and comfortable."

NIKKI FLETCHER - Teacher and Worship Leader

What we do

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Leanne’s passion is equipping parents, helping them navigate this seemly huge assignment of passing faith onto their children. The goal is to help parents to Bring Faith Home; teaching parents practical, tangible faith skills empowering them to faithfully and more effectively pass Faith on to the next generation, in so making an invisible belief, visible and tangible to their children.


A statement to Inspire any Family.

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From Leanne's home to yours.

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Out of her own voyage of discovery, Leanne created a series of talks to give parents the tools to pass faith on to the next generation.
They are simple, applicable and absolutely do-able in a world where so many things are vying for our attention. It is her hope that after parents engage in these talks, they walk away empowered, understanding that this seemingly impossible task, has been broken down into manageable bite size piece.


Embracing the Challenge*

First Talk








Celebrating Rites of Passage


*Also offered as a Workshop Series

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  • “Our family has been completely blessed because Leanne has chosen to obey God’s calling and share her passion for faith-driven families. The tools she presents are practical, easy to implement and consequently, life changing! Our family is learning to pray together and use words to bless each other. Even our neighbours and friends have been impacted by the changes in our home!"

    ANDREW & CHRISTY CECHETTO - Parents of Five
  • “Our family has truly benefited from Leanne's inspirational teaching. We have become more intentional about regularly blessing our children and creatively sharing biblical truths with them. The large window near our dining table has become the Window of Wisdom where we use dry erase markers to teach truth and we are hosting our first Blessing Ceremony for our daughter before she enters High School. All of this is the fruit of Leanne's talks. Thank you Leanne!!!!”

    BETH GRAF - Prayer Pastor C4 Church
  • “Bringing Faith Home" has motivated me to look for ways in which I can come alongside and encourage my children in their personal faith walks. Leanne presents her thoughts, experiences, and information in a way that makes you feel empowered, and ready to parent according to Gods will for our children.”

    SARAH MALLOCK - Mother of Three


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