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About Leanne


“Leanne’s passion is to equip and come alongside others as they build a living legacy of faith in their own life, their family and ministry by chasing after what matters most.”

She loves to…

  • Equip parents and ministry leaders helping them navigate the awesome privilege of passing faith on to their children.

  • Come alongside others  helping them slow down and create space in their life to connect to their soul and Creator so they can intentionally respond to the gifts, stirrings and calling He has placed within them.


The journey began because Leanne, a mom of four, was overwhelmed by the weight of passing faith on to her children. She knew the research on this subject was not terribly hopeful and her desire was to discover why this was happening and how parents could partner with the work the Lord was already doing in their family. Her longing was to find practical tools, strategies and resources that would help families to intentionally live out their faith in such a way that their kids would know who God is and His incredible love for them. 


This led Leanne to create a series of talks, called Bringing Faith
, and a book, A Parent’s Best Gift, to help equip parents
and ministry leaders with practical tools, strategies and
resources to pass faith on to the next generation. They are
simple, applicable and absolutely do-able in the chaos of
every day life. It is her prayer that after each encounter, 
people come away empowered, equipped and encouraged as
this remarkable task, has been broken down into
manageable bite size pieces. Our privilege as parents is to
faithfully point our kids to Jesus; Leanne’s passion is to
come along side and equip them.


Recently Leanne introduced Family Life Coaching and Spiritual Direction into her ministry as a way of serving, supporting and adding value to her community. It is her joy and delight to come alongside parents, ministry leaders, individuals and churches as they seek to strategically build a living legacy of faith personally, in their family and in their ministry.


Leanne has had the privilege of speaking at retreats, conferences, churches and family camps. Her authenticity, humility and gentle approach creates the kind of atmosphere that makes delving into these subjects safe and comfortable. Her vulnerability about her struggles and gains invites others into her journey – breathing life and igniting others to live life with purpose and intentionality.


Leanne is the creator of Hearing God, Whispers in the Storm, and Bringing Faith Home speaking series. She is also the author of A Parent’s Best Gift – A book that provides biblically based tools, strategies and resources for parents and ministry leaders to make their invisible faith tangible, so they can intentionally point their kids to Jesus. She recently graduated from Emmaus Formation Centre as a certified Spiritual Director. Leanne and her husband James live just outside of Toronto with their four kids.

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