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Mother•Author•Speaker•Spiritual Director

Helping others build a living legacy of faith by chasing after the things that matter most.


About Leanne

Leanne has had the privilege of speaking at retreats, conferences, churches and family camps. Her authenticity, humility and gentle approach creates the kind of atmosphere that makes delving into these subjects safe and comfortable. Her vulnerability about her struggles and gains invites others into her journey – breathing life and igniting others to live life with purpose and intentionality.


Leanne is the creator of Hearing God, Thinking Clearly, Whispers in the Storm, and Bringing Faith Home speaking series. She is also the author of A Parent’s Best Gift - A book that provides biblically based tools, strategies and resources for parents and ministry leaders to make their invisible faith tangible, so they can intentionally point their kids to Jesus. She recently graduated from Emmaus Formation Centre, as a certified Spiritual Director. Leanne and her husband James live just outside of Toronto with their four kids.


Pam Pritchard

Life Coach

“I would absolutely recommend "Bringing Faith Home” to any family because you will gain a fresh perspective, a new way of looking at your role as a parent.”

Nikki Fletcher

Teacher and Worship Leader

"Leanne's sincerity, humility, and openness creates the kind of atmosphere that makes delving into the vast subject of "family" safe and comfortable."

A Parents Best Gift 3D.png

A Parent's Best Gift:

A Practical Guide to Passing Faith on to Our Kids

The best gift we can give our kids is to live our lives in such a way that they know who Jesus is and His incredible love for them. While many understand this task in theory, most of us struggle practically applying this in everyday life. A Parent’s Best Gift reveals this process, equipping parents with tools and resources that are simple, applicable and absolutely doable.

Spiritual Direction

Spiritual Direction is a relationship centred around prayer with the purpose of drawing near to the Spirit of God. It is about the process of spiritual transformation, seeking the Lord together through prayer, scripture and spiritual practices - following the Holy Spirit’s promptings.


It is an invitation to slow down and create space to connect with your soul and Creator so you can intentionally respond to the gifts, stirrings and calling He has placed with in you.

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